Facade Restored

Facade Restored

All works are completed accordance with Best Practice Principles of Conservation

Ivy Infestation

Ivy Infestation

Façade greenings and the problems they present. Potential building damages are always related to the growth characteristics of the climbers

Hidden Demons

Hidden Demons

Behind the Facade the trickle of rainwater can cause untold damage. We thoroughly inspect your building's facade and envelope to ensure your buildings health.

When we independently inspect and review the façade of a building, Consurv believe that each building's façade is an important part of the story it tells. We often start off our inspection with a moisture test. This includes historical buildings that have stood for centuries along with today's newest architectural statements. That is why Consurv feel that proper care and restoration of these structures are so important. It is our independent duty and the clients to ensure that the character and richness of a building is maintained to the highest of standards. The face of the architecture, quite literally, can be found in the facades that give each building its character, charm and personality.

The façade / building envelope is the skin that surrounds a building, providing protection for the structure, interiors, and occupants from the degrading elements of nature. The building envelope remains one of the most important exterior elements for building functionality. While the façade is an elegant component that helps to define the unique architectural aesthetics of the building, it also has the critical role related to energy performance and interior function of a building. As technology continues to improve, different options for improvement have become available for incorporation into building façades . It is Consurv's responsibility to advise the client toward the most suitable options in order to carry out most successful improvements of the building envelope performance and aesthetic appearance and a moisture test.

Why is it important for façade improvement?

  • Attractive façades and the collective image of an area can significantly help sell the businesses and the business district to potential customers.
  • The first impression is all you have to entice a customer to your business so the façade treatment is key.
  • The quality of the façade is a reflection of what sort of experience a potential customer will have once they go inside.
  • Streetscape and façade improvements are a visible sign that positive things are happening and will add value to the businesses and property. This will encourage others to invest in the town/city, creating a synergy from which all businesses can benefit.

The services Consurv provide when dealing with façades and building envelopes are as follows:

  • Provide advice and guidance on how to retain, restore and repair external decorative features, original decorative features and encourage the reinstatement of missing architectural features where there is clear evidence of their original appearance.
  • Complete a non-destructive photograph detailed assessment in relation to the condition of the building envelope and façade. 
  • Provide suitable options and a detail method of works along with close supervision when the works are being carried out to the building envelope and facade.
  • Moisture Test

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When conservation is a key factor we can bring our extensive experience to review Protected Structures with the ability to give accurate Historical Analysis with a view to Stone Conservation. Our teams skills make us a wise choice for Project Management and Health & Safety and Schedule of works in the Conservation field.

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