Resistometer Resi f300


An important piece of equipment that can measure the structural integrity of timber

fibre Optic Camera

Fibre Optic Camera

Visually access areas behind dry lining systems, timber heads, sub floor voids

Thermal Imaging camera

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is used to identify the source of the moisture in your building.

The introduction of fibre optic cameras for instance which can access areas behind dry lining systems, timber heads, sub floor voids and other inaccessible areas means that there is only a 10mm hole made for the examination process as opposed to the more commonly used opening up method where a 4-6 inch square section of fabric is opened up which has to be subsequently repaired and usually results in loss of important historic fabric.

 Laserliner Fibre Optic

The camera head on the flexible cable transmits images directly to the LC monitor. The camera indicates what is behind or in objects, walls circuits or cables etc. even under worst light conditions, due to the LED-lighting.

  • Waterproof camera head and cable
  • Ideal for difficult accessibly areas due to the small measuring head (ø 9 mm)
  • Diversified application with 1.5 m camera.
  • Powerful object lighting thanks to 4 high-performance LEDs
  • Extraneous light reduction: contrasty LC-Display which provides an optimum display even under light irridation.
  • External monitors operated via TV Out connection for more focused inspection
  • Rotation: The manual image rotation function enables the image to be rotated by 180° on the monitor.

Seesnake Micro Rigid

Lightweight and compact design is one-half the size of popular inspection systems, easily used in small difficult place on your site.


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