Projects Ireland

Projects Ireland

We have completed numerous projects in Ireland with the Office of public works and many private clients

Projects United Kingdom

Projects United Kingdom

Projects in the United Kingdom have included Primark and many other leading business's

Projects In Spain

Projects In Spain

Proyectos en el Reino Unido han incluido Primark y muchos otros negocios líderes

Projects in France

Projects in France

Parmi les projets réalisés au Royaume-Uni figurent Primark et de nombreux autres


Lafayette Maision - Toulouse - France


Retailer Primark Flagship Store

Team Involved

Team Involved Conservation consultant Consurv LTD. Architects: HMKM, Bush and 3D Architects Engineers: WSP Group Project Management: Monaghans Quantity Surveyors: Sweet Group

Consurv were appointed as consultants to review, recommend and oversee the renovation and re-fitting of this historic building. As consultants we advise on the most cost effective, non destructive and valued engineering path to renovation and preservation of the buildings structure and safety

Roof Survey

In the renovation of this French project we completed a Roof Survey. We found that the Zinc roof was in need of restoration NOT replacement making significant financial savings for our client. Our consultation and roof survey revealed that time, failure of weathering details and poor maintenance were the cause of the water ingress. The Zinc roof remedial works saved thousands of Euro's, the original details and historical features.

Window Schedule

In our consultation of the windows in this French historical restoration we found that the windows were suffering from water ingress due to failure of the weathering details. Our Valued Engineering advice recommended remedial works and provided a window schedule that preserved the historical windows.

Floor Inspection and Testing

As flooring consultants in this Toulouse project we analysed the new concrete screed to ensure that the specification adhered to our clients exacting flooring standards. This defect analysis can save our clients thousands of euros in both the short and long term.

Building History

When ‘Les Dames de France’ opened in 1904, Toulousians rushed to get a first glimpse of this ‘Grand New Store’ developed by Parisian Architect Georges Debri to bring a real contrast to the ‘Pink City’s’ architecture. The building of the Rue Alsace Lorraine reflects the elegance with its facade light brick, approaching the colour of the stone, punctuated by three arches, fine metal structure, floral Art Nouveau and especially its three interior floors with a monumental staircase made of wood and illuminated by a central dome.

In 1985, the building changed tenant as ‘Les Galeries Lafayette’ replaced ‘Les Dames de France’ and in 1990, large-scale renovation works began which lasted 14 months. Other transformations followed for the installation of the decoration store ‘Lafayette Maison’ and today only the custom made staircase realised by Coucoureux Architects remains from the original interior design.

Toulouse is the 4th largest city in France and the Irish retail chain Primark has chosen a historic building right in the heart of the city which will provide a Retail Area of 85,000ft² approx. The building is situated on rue Rémusat - Rue Alsace Lorraine. The building was one of the city’s first commercial buildings and has a long history, including being used as a prison during the French Revolution. However, its current design is considered a masterpiece of the architecture from the early twentieth century having been renovated in a Haussmann style, bringing a Parisian feel to the historic capital of Languedoc. 


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When conservation is a key factor we can bring our extensive experience to review Protected Structures with the ability to give accurate Historical Analysis with a view to Stone Conservation. Our teams skills make us a wise choice for Project Management and Health & Safety and Schedule of works in the Conservation field.

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