Projects Ireland

Projects Ireland

We have completed numerous projects in Ireland with the Office of public works and many private clients

Projects United Kingdom

Projects United Kingdom

Projects in the United Kingdom have included Primark and many other leading business's

Projects In Spain

Projects In Spain

Proyectos en el Reino Unido han incluido Primark y muchos otros negocios líderes

Projects in France

Projects in France

Parmi les projets réalisés au Royaume-Uni figurent Primark et de nombreux autres

Dunboy Castle and Cap Partners Ltd proposed a major conservation and reconstruction that sought to re-imagine the Puxley Manor as a luxury hotel for all.





Farmleigh House, situated in Dublin is a historic guest house that was formerly the residence of the Guinness family. Consurv were employed to carry out a series of surveys and analysis both pre contract and during contract, to investigate the extent of the damage to the building as part of restoring this beautiful house. He was also overseeing the conservation works during this project.



Consurv Ltd managed the Conservation Works for the duration of the contract and restored this fine building now used as offices at huge cost-saving to the Client.  

This building which narrowly survived demolition was recommended and short-listed for an RIAI Conservation Award. Consurv were employed to carry out a detailed survey of this architecturally and historically significant building of random limestone and lime mortar finish. Gutters, roof, windows, chimneys and the interior were all surveyed using non-destructive techniques.

Consurv Ltd oversaw all of the works, ensuring that they were carried out in accordance with Best Conservation Practices and strictly in accordance with the Charter of Venice. While Farnham Castle, situated on the Estate, was constructed before 1620 it is believed that the house in its present form was constructed by the 1st Baron Farnham around 1713.  It has undergone several architectural changes over the years including the complete demolition of the entire 1780’s wing due to dilapidation and the alleged presence of extensive dry rot.

Consurv Ltd were employed to carry out a detailed survey of the envelope of this building which incorporated the refurbishment of the old mill and the new build.  Many features of the mill were retained and there are now new apartments and houses on this site. Consurv project managed the conservation works during the contract at a massive cost-saving to the Client.   

The front elevation of the building is constructed with brick which had to be re-pointed.


Consurv Ltd were employed to assist with the conversion of use to a private medical clinic.  Dr. Thomas Brennan produced Method Statements together with Conservation Reports to enable the works to be carried out to a high standard and to ensure that nothing was taken away from the buildings historic character.   Aldborough House Portland Row, Dublin is a Protected Structure, which was designated on 29th November 1971. Situated in Dublin, it was originally constructed for Edward Augustus, 2nd Earl of Aldborough, in 1798.  Since then, it has accommodated various uses ranging from a school, barracks, and a post office depot. Its grounds were appropriated in the 1940’s for public housing.

Consurv were commissioned by the Nano Nagle Centre to design and manage a sustainable conversion and extension of an existing site of the Centre. The sustainable aspect of the extension was an essential consideration of this project as the Nano Nagle Centre is an environmentally responsible development project.



St Fin Barre’s Cathedral situated in Cork city was built in the 1860s in the Gothic style. It was the first major work of architect, William Burgess. The staff of St Fin Barre’s Cathedral commissioned Dr. Brennan and the Consurv team for major conservation and restoration works on the interior and exterior of this beautiful Cork cathedral.



The Mercy International Centre in Dublin was opened in 1824. It contained school rooms, an oratory and was used a refuge for distressed women. Consurv were commissioned by the staff of the centre to conduct detailed surveys of the building for restoration works.




Consurv were appointed to conduct a full survey of the Church, to provide a detailed assessment of the extent of the defects and to provide a schedule of works to assist with the restoration using minimal intervention techniques.   St. Maurs’ Church dates from 1835 and was built on the site of an earlier 1760’s church.  It functioned as a Church until 1989 when the new Church opened.  Since then it has been used as an arts centre.  Extensive repairs were carried out in the early 1990’s under the supervision of FAS.  It is now owned by St. Maurs’ Trust Limited. 


The Consurv team were involved with the full restoration and conservation of all the buildings on University College Cork’s campus. The main roles undertaken by Consurv were to act as Conservation Consultants giving advice for and changing the methodologies of the work to better suit the various structures of UCC. The primary goal of this project was the re-roofing of the various buildings around the campus.


Consurv were employed to specify a detailed de-watering system of all horizontal weathering surfaces, rising damp elements and mark up a treatment specification for the timbers. The original building housed the innovative Model School, which opened in 1859. The building had been neglected for many years and was in need of extensive repairs and refurbishment.  Sligo County Council sought to re-house its Municipal collection and a visionary partnership was established to raise funds.


This project is to be phased over a 5-year period with costs in the region of 5 million Euros. Funding was sought for the above project for and on behalf of the client and a detailed critical path of work to the building has been provided by Consurv Ltd  This building is now on the World Heritage list. Headfort is one of the very few and only remaining Robert Adams Buildings in Ireland.

It was constructed in the mid 1700’s.  Employed as Project Manager and Conservation Consultants,Consurv had an aim to restore the building to its former splendour. 

Consurv carried out a detailed assessment / survey of the roof, horizontal weathering and a room-by-room survey including the windows. By means of our non-destructive methods to  investigate the historic fabric of the building Consurv were able to then plot the details onto a room-by-room survey and report on his findings.

Employed as project managers for the conservation works during the contract – (a massive cost saving exercise).  Work on the roof and windows began late 2007.

The construction of Waterford’s City Walls began in the early thirteenth century by the Anglo Normans. In the present day, the city walls are one of the best medieval conservation projects in Ireland.




The Armoury Building in Renmore, Co. Galway is a two storey Gothic building, built around 1877. Even though the building is of an unusually high quality for it’s age, a Conservation Survey and Report was required from the Consurv team with a view for general upgrading, conservation and development of the building to include fire safety and general use purposes.



The village of Ballysadare in Co. Sligo was an important centre of trade in the 18th century. This led to the clustered development within the village that was characteristic of towns during that time. With this in mind, it was of vital importance to retain the architectural and industrial heritage of the town whilst providing the modern amenities needed for it’s rising population. The successful incorporation of conservation issues and modern development reflects Consurv’s balanced approach.


St Patrick’s Street, branching just off Cork City’s Main Street, was established early on as part of Cork’s main commercial area. As a result, this development carries important architectural heritage imbued with cultural, historical and social significance.Consurv were commissioned to assist with the design stage of the development of the buildings in this area.



Consurv acted as the facilitators for this project and has been involved from the outset. Consurv has completed a detailed survey of the site and will oversee all works until the projects’ completion particularly in relation to the renovation and conservation of the buildings.



Newfound Consortium have proposed an integrated eco-tourism development and conservation project that has an investment of €70 million.Consurv were overseeing the development and conservation aspects of the park as a Project Manager.





Conserv have been managing the conservation and restoration of many Irish Historic Buildings over the last 30 years. 


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